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If money has always been an issue for you, then having another financial source is a necessity. If you are a lack of time for a second job and want to devote more attention to your family, getting counterfeit banknotes might be an option.

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Nowadays, fake money is in great demand due to its affordability. For example, you can get $1000 for only half of what it really costs. What is more, you can buy counterfeit money online without any need to go somewhere. Just choose the currency you prefer, specify the required amount, and proceed to checkout. Your purchase will be delivered safe and sound in a matter of days. It is undoubtedly the best way to become wealthy and be able to shop for anything you want. This is especially true if you’ve chosen a trustworthy supplier that provides grade-A notes like Top Counter Money. Since the date of establishment in 2005, the company has managed to become one of the leading suppliers of cheap fake money on the market. Our products are indistinguishable because they have the same security features as real banknotes, like watermarks, holographic strips, magnetic ink, see-through registers, holograms, security threads, and micro-printing. It means that our forged bills are completely safe to use. Feel free tocontact us for any further information. We are always ready to answer all your questions.

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With millions of offers on the web, it’s extremely important to choose the vendor carefully. Numerous irresponsible suppliers are selling worthless replicas of poor quality. If you don’t want to be disappointed, it’s better to deal with the professionals. Here at the Top Counter Money, we make sure to produce only premium counterfeit money for sale. Our hand-picked team of specialists utilizes the most innovative printing techniques to create the products of the highest quality that can’t be told from genuine ones. We combine our efforts and knowledge to supply the notes that look and feel like genuine ones. Therefore, any banking security tests won’t be able to tell the difference.

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About Us

With the best of the documents comes the best moment, and if someone has just been disappointed because of lack of documents, the Top Counter Money serves you as a cupid and is the only one whom who can rely on blindly for every document and service including:

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If you are in search of the best place to get you the most real and realistic documents, then you are right place. We understand your concern and requirements, thus Top Counter Money have come up with the solution to all your needs and requirements of fake and real documents.We strive to offer our clients with top class services at affordable prices. We process and produce the most valid personal documents, which you may not find anywhere else.

The documents we produce, have all the client’s information registered in the supposed database system and once checked in any airport or using a data reading machine, all the clients information will show up.

We guarantee you the most realistic passports of Australia, Canada, USA, Western Europe, UK, Japan etc. We provide you the documents principally in two formats, that’s Genuine and Novelty Formats.

Top Counter Money attempts to provide complete customer and client satisfaction by endorsing a full-service philosophy. We tend to read and view ourselves as an extension of our customers’ capabilities, recognizing that we are an important and crucial link to their success. Here, you can order real and fake Id, real and fake documents online at Top Counter Money at the best price.

We can guarantee you with a full set of database registered original and fake documents at the lowest total cost price minimization. You can see original and fake documents for sale online here, delivered to you in the safest and confidential way.

No detail is too small for buy real documents to perfect. The card stock, seals and lettering are all chosen and executed to stand up to the closest scrutiny. You will be amazed by the accuracy with which authentic certificates and documents can be duplicated.

The things you order and buy here, are realistic and also worthy. You may totally rely us for getting the most realistic and real documents online.

Custom Bills

This listing is only for information on our custom bills, Please do not Place an Order from this listing. The bill Show above is samples of custom bills we have created. Before contacting us to place an order please read the information below. To place the order Please email

Custom Bills 

We offer full print stacks/bands & blank filler stacks/bands in the 1990s, 2000s, and Current/New Style Bills, in all denominations, or we can create a custom denomination for you.

Great for invitations, premieres, birthdays, graduations, parties, events, vouchers, advertisements, coupons, gifts, etc.

Whether you want a custom bill for a loved one, celebrate a birthday, or advertise your business, we are here for you.

Our team of top graphic designers will create a bill that is sure to leave a lasting impression and be the topic of conversation at your event, party, or graduation.

Things to Know : 

– There is a 1 stack/band minimum. Each stack/band contains 100 bills.

– A “stack” includes a money band. A “band” includes a rubber band that holds the folded bills together with a rubber band.

– “Full Print” means that each bill is printed on both sides like a real bill in a stack/band.

– “Blank Filler” means that only the top and bottom bills are printed in a stack/band.

– One-time $50 per design This means that since we will have your design saved you can order more of your custom bills in the future and you will NOT be charged another design fee.

–  We will not make bills that look any closer to a real bill.

Once you place your order:

– The design begins within 1 business day.

– You will receive an email with proof of your design for your approval in 3-5 business days.

– Design changes, if any, that are requested after the approval email will be made within 1 business day.

– Once you approve the design we will move to production. Production takes 3-5 business days.

– We will ship your order within 1 Business Day of the completion of production.

– You will receive a shipping confirmation email that will include your tracking number.

Shipping Information:

All custom orders ship via USPS Priority Mail and should arrive in 2-3 business days. Faster shipping options are available at checkout.

By purchasing these bills you agree to use them in a legal manner. Please read our

Note:  Coupon/discount codes cannot be used with custom orders.


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Why Buy Saudi Arabian Riyal Online From Top Counter Money?

Top Counter Money is one of the leading manufacturers who generate fake currencies of different countries be it the Euro, Dollars, Indian Rupee or Dirham. Almost all the major country’s currencies are available with Top Counter Money. When you plan to purchase Saudi Arabian Riyal online, you must look for the specifications, limitations, and guidelines mentioned by the online store. To buy fake money online from Top Counter Money, please visit the official website which is  and check for the option “Saudi Arabian Riyal for sale“. Then go through the specifications and guidelines very carefully and finally if you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, make a purchase order. You will receive your ordered product within three business days to your doorstep.

Why Choosing Top Counter Money?

It is 100% safe to buy counterfeit money online from Top Counter Money because the company has been in this field for the last fifteen years and has been successfully managing a huge client base since then. Riyal is the currency of Saudi Arabia and if you want to buy Saudi Arabian Riyal, Top Counter Money is the best option because the fake notes they provide are all passed through several tests until they become the exact replica of the original currencies. UV test, the pen test, intaglio print test, see-through test are some of the tests that the real looking fake notes clear before they are released in the market. Top Counter Money offers SR10, SR50, SR100, and SR500 fake notes. When you plan to buy SR10, you select the option as SR10 for sale and choose to order the fake notes to be delivered to you. The currencies are available at a very reasonable cost and can be used at any place such as casinos, game parlors, paying school fees, college fees, car insurance or anywhere you can think of. You only have to be careful with the usage of the banks as they might detect the fake ones.

Lead a luxurious life in Dubai with fake AED on offer

With a diverse and exceptional socio-economic structure, Dubai is an attractive location for expatriates across the globe. There are plenty of job opportunities in this part of the world, and you don’t have to pay any taxes. High educational standards, combined with vibrant social life, have resulted in an influx of immigrants over the past two decades. However, quality comes at a cost, and you must pay a good price to enjoy your life in this extravagant city.

Renting an apartment can burn a hole in your pocket, while other expenses can add up quickly. At Top Counter Money, we have an ideal solution for anyone facing a financial crunch in the UAE. We offer fake AED bills online that you can use without any trouble. Yes, you heard it right! Our extensive practice has come to fruition in perfecting dirham bills that can pass any anti-counterfeit test. We stand by the quality of forged banknotes we deliver, and you will never get in legal trouble when you shop from us.

Buy AED online at the click of a button

The latest printing techniques, state-of-the-art facility, and a team of experts constitute the backbone of Top Counter Money. We offer Dubai money for sale at a fraction of cost, and it has all the important security features for legal use. Whether you need 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1000 AED, we have got you covered. Anyone in need of money should have easy access to it, and we have made it possible with years of excellent customer service.

There are multiple payment methods available for your convenience, and we guarantee 100% discreet shipping to protect your privacy. It’s all between us, and no third party would be able to know about this transaction. Please feel free to contact our customer care team if you need assistance in placing your first order.

Malaysian Ringgit

Buy Malaysian Ringgit Online, Become a Millionaire

Malaysian Ringgit for sale at the cheapest rate only from Top Counter Money. Malaysian Ringgit is available online across almost more than 150 countries worldwide. People who want to become a millionaire very soon and fulfil their dreams to possess all the luxuries can surely opt for availing this best option. It is completely safe to buy counterfeit money online as the fake notes that you buy look almost the same as the original currencies. So don’t hesitate to buy fake money online as these notes are absolutely undetectable through the naked eyes and by touching. You can use them anywhere you want and fulfil your requirements very easily.

Where Can You Get Malaysian Ringgit Online?

Online stores such as Top Counter Money are very trustworthy in providing you with the A grade fake currencies that are undetectable and untraceable anywhere and everywhere. If you touch them or see them with the naked eyes, you cannot even identify them as the fake notes. But at the same time, when you are planning to buy Malaysian Ringgit online, you should be very careful with the online store you have chosen for the delivery purposes. Top Counter Money has the best delivery services across 150 countries in the world. When you book your product through them, you will rest assured with the quality of the product and the quality of the delivery too. When you see RM10 for sale option, you can select the option to buy RM10 and get the product delivered to your place within three business days depending upon the location you have selected for the delivery. The products by Top Counter Money are highly appreciated worldwide and have not got any issues till date. Buy counterfeit money online and enjoy seeing all the happiness knocking on your door.

How Do We Buy Malaysian Ringgit Online?

It’s the Top Counter Money making it all possible for the common people to buy RM 20 online, Malaysian Ringgit is available online at the Top Counter Money store,  which are the giveaways you can grab the offer to own such highly precious items that can make you become rich in one day. There are many online marketers available who will show you the toughest part to become a successful person, while we are telling you the easiest way to become rich within a day. The opportunity is knocking at your door, you just need to remove all those negative thoughts from your mind, and make the use of such offers. The company is highly reliable and got a very good reputation in terms of supplying Malaysian Ringgit online.

How to Avail the Offer RM 20 for Sale?

You need to visit the online store at  and make an online booking, today itself to get the best offers.

Did You Buy Fake Money Online Earlier From Anyone?
If not, then this piece of information is for you for sure. If you have already bought earlier and didn’t get satisfaction on the product received, then you might be looking for some other options- which are

Product replacement guarantee

Reasonable Pricing

The Fastest Delivery

Excellent Support, even after the items are sold out.

Are You Interested in Buying fake money online?
Obviously, you need to follow the guidelines exactly how they are mentioned at the online store of Top Counter Money. RM 50 is up for sale, providing all the features absolutely the same as the original currency. So if you trust us, and enjoy all the benefits of these fake currencies online, please leave a comment, and ask whatever doubts you have for this category.

The restaurants, shopping malls, movie theatres, and in any that sort of places are entirely safe as these fake currencies are undetectable.

Find Out the Best Source to Buy Counterfeit Money Online

We are one of the topmost dealers in supplying counterfeit money online across the world to over millions of customers that are satisfied with our CNY ¥100 for sale. We assure the best quality of fake money online at the cheapest rates. When you trust us, you trust the quality and the most trusted brand in the field of counterfeit Chinese Yuan Renminbi online. We are the number one manufacturer and supplier of fake currencies, from whom you can buy CNY ¥100 online at the most affordable rates.

How Can I Buy Chinese Yuan Renminbi Online?

At first, you need to visit the online store at  and read the company policies before making a purchase. The website has a secured payment option with the SSL certification installed in it. So when you make a payment, your money will be completely safe. Once the payment is done, you will be provided with the details of your order to your email, with the help of your order number you will be able to track the product you have ordered. Within a week, you get your product delivered safe and secured to your doorstep, just the way you wanted it to be.

Have You Tried Buying Counterfeit Money Online?

Are you facing a financial crisis? Are you in need of financial stability and want to buy all those fancy items you dream about to own? Search nowhere else, you’ll get all that from us. We are Top Counter Money, manufacturer, and supplier of fake money offering CNY ¥50 for sale online. These are the duplicate notes which you can use anywhere just the same as the real banknotes.

Is There Any Risk When You Buy CNY ¥50 Online?

Our fake currencies online are highly checked and tested several times before we sell them to you. Our scientists at our special labs check these notes through the pen tests, UV tests, see-through test, and several other tests before we release them to the market. Once the currencies are out of our labs, they are 100% accurate and completely safe to be produced anywhere you want. So when you plan to buy fake money online, keep Top Counter Money as your first choice.

How to Find the Trustworthy Chinese Yuan Renminbi Online Supplier?

We, Top Counter Money, one of the most trusted online suppliers of CNY ¥20 for sale offering you the ultimate collection of counterfeit money from our online store at the most affordable rates.

How Our Currency is Better than Others?

When you buy CNY ¥20 online, you need to check out for a few things before you make the purchase. You must see whether the currencies you are going to buy are satisfying all the criteria and are tested earlier or not. When you buy fake money online from us, we will provide you with the assurance that, these currencies will not be detected anywhere by anyone when you use them at the bars or restaurants or anywhere. Our experts of Top Counter Money devote a huge amount of time in identifying the faults of this Chinese Yuan Renminbi online, and when they finally are satisfied with the final product, the currencies are released in the market and are available for the use of common people.

Buy CNY ¥10 Online at The Reliable Store

If you are in China and in need of Chinese Renminbi on an urgent basis but don’t have enough currency to avail that, feel free to contact us, we will definitely help you out. We offer CNY ¥10 for sale at the most affordable price. So if you are in need of the best quality Chinese Yuan Renminbi Online, get connected to us, and we will deliver the product to your doorstep at the earliest.

Get 100% Authentic South African Rand Online
Fake currency is required mainly for motion pictures. Top Counter Money is settled up their business for making fake currencies. They are involved in this business for the past 15 years. As of now, they have spread their branches in 12 different countries and serve customers worldwide. They are getting a good response from all those countries. They have legally proved themselves as they make South African Rand for sale only for motion pictures. Their bills look so authentic that it is next to impossible to find out they are fake and not real. They take care of all the minute features as per their experiences to make the fake Bills look like the real ones. Across the world, there are millions of people who buy counterfeit money online from Top Counter Money. The fake Bills are doing their job without any disturbances or hassles.

Tests, Specifications, and Guidelines
They allow the Bills and release in the market after several checking methods. The Bills should pass all kinds of special tests. In case of any flaws, there will be a forgery issue raised against the company. Being the leading fake currency manufacturer from the past 15 years, Top Counter Money has proved its authenticity. The identity of the buyers is kept hidden for security purposes. Otherwise, if people get caught or detected while buying fake notes online or buy South African Rand online, the massive issues may arise. Top Counter Money takes care of all kinds of hassles and provides complete support even after the product delivery. Here is the list of tests to check before releasing the notes in the market.

The dimension and thickness of the notes should be accurate.
The portrait watermark should imitate the real ones.
The serial number should be checked before you buy South African Rand.
The Bills should be tested in several ATM machines to check its originality.
The checking of the Security Thread should be done very carefully.
South African Rand

People buy small or large quantities of Rand for regular usages. When you buy Rand R20 Online, check for Top Counter Money’s exclusive offers such as Rand R20 for sale and make a profitable deal. Apart from Rand R20, they also manufacture the following Rands.

Rand R50
Rand R100
Rand R200

Lead a luxurious life in Dubai with fake AED on offer

With a diverse and exceptional socio-economic structure, Dubai is an attractive location for expatriates across the globe. There are plenty of job opportunities in this part of the world, and you don’t have to pay any taxes. High educational standards, combined with vibrant social life, have resulted in an influx of immigrants over the past two decades. However, quality comes at a cost, and you must pay a good price to enjoy your life in this extravagant city.

Renting an apartment can burn a hole in your pocket, while other expenses can add up quickly. At Top Counter Money, we have an ideal solution for anyone facing a financial crunch in the UAE. We offer fake AED bills online that you can use without any trouble. Yes, you heard it right! Our extensive practice has come to fruition in perfecting dirham bills that can pass any anti-counterfeit test. We stand by the quality of forged banknotes we deliver, and you will never get in legal trouble when you shop from us.


How to Buy 100% Undetectable Indian Rupees Online

People buy counterfeit money online for several professional and personal reasons. Indian currency is a very useful currency as it is used in India and Bhutan as well. So if you want to buy fake money online especially Indian currency you can trust Top Counter Money, the 15 years old company providing high-quality, risk-free fake currencies of almost all the major countries. They are a very famous fake currency producer and their art has an excellent perfection that you cannot detect any fake signs from the unreal notes. Buy Indian Rupee online and utilize it as per your requirement. The notes have a 100% authentic look. The banknote paper, metallic Ink, inner specialized fiber and the watermark, everything is included in every note perfectly. The note is granted for public use, only after a successful light testing. Millions of Indian Currency is revolving around the world without facing any kind òf issues. This is one of the greatest achievements of the company.

Buy Fake Indian Rupee Online

Top Counter Money has a restriction of selling the currency. They only allow customers to buy Indian currency with a minimum quantity. This is due to maintaining the balance of the fake and real currency in the market. The fake note contains all the special and hidden features to utilize it as the real ones. When you want to buy Indian Rupees and search for Indian Rupees for Sale you need to know about the limitations.

When you go buy INR ₹10 online or search INR ₹10 for sale, then you only able to buy till ₹10x ₹ 30,000, a total of ₹3,00,000

The limitations of INR ₹20 is ₹20 x ₹ 15,000, a total of ₹3,00,000

You can buy INR ₹50 till ₹50 x 5,000, a total of ₹2,50,000

The amount limit of ₹100 is till ₹100 x 3,000, a total of ₹3,00,000.

Newzealand Dollars

How to Purchase New Zealand Dollars Online?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to buy fake money online. Our situations don’t always remain the same, we may be in an emergency situation where we may need urgent money. The reasons might vary but the requirement does not. In those types of situations, what if we find a friend who gives us the required amount? We’ll be overjoyed, right? There are many online stores are available nowadays, which provide us with the urgent money we require.

What Are The Ways to Buy Counterfeit Money Online?

There are numerous online portals or online stores that sell counterfeit currencies across the world. Top Counter Money is one among those top online stores which provide currencies of different countries starting from Euros, to Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Indian Rupees, UK and US Dollars, and many more. To buy these fake money online, you must visit their official website  and search for the type of currency you are looking for. You can check all their specifications from the same website. Please also go through the disclaimer policy, terms, and conditions, usages, etc. before you place an order.

How to Buy New Zealand Dollars Online?

If you are a resident of New Zealand, you might be wanting New Zealand Dollars for your personal and professional use. You can buy New Zealand Dollars from Top Counter Money online store. Once you visit the website, you will find the option as “New Zealand Dollars for Sale” or “New Zealand Dollars Online”. Select the option and then you can find all the specifications for the same type of currencies. Starting from $5 till $500 all types of New Zealand currencies are available. So if you are looking to buy NZD $5 Bills online, you need to select the option NZD $5 Bills for sale and so on for all the others. These fake New Zealand currencies can be used anywhere and everywhere except the banks. No need to hesitate to produce them anywhere, you won’t face any trouble. These notes are acceptable everywhere, even at the government offices.

Buy NZD $5 Bills Online at the Cheapest Rate

There are a few reliable online sources such as Top Counter Money, which offers New Zealand dollars for sale giving the opportunity to people who cannot afford to buy their desired items due to less income. Top Counter Money provides exclusive deals when it comes to buying New Zealand dollars online. The currencies that they generate are the exact duplicate copy of the real New Zealand dollars having the same holograms and currency codes. These fake notes are undetectable through touch or naked eyes providing you a guarantee that nobody can detect them when you produce those fake New Zealand dollars in restaurants, casinos, or any place you can think of.

How to Buy Counterfeit Money Online?

The process is very easy, you just need to visit the online platform following this link and read all the guidelines and terms and conditions of the fake currency supplier. Post-reading all the policies carefully, make a purchase order using your credit/debit card or other payment options. You are all set to receive the fake currencies at your doorstep within a week.