Examples and manufacturing principle

Examples of Banknotes from different countries of the world and the principle of production.

Mainly, the counterfeiting of the currency of any country is possible due to the fact that we have:

* Ultra-thin paper not luminous in ultraviolet light.

* Equipment for the production of hot stamping holograms.

* Color-variable inks for color-variable holograms.

* Ultraviolet paints

* Infrared paints

These are the basics of protecting any bill in the world. Having them, we can print valid fake money of any country, simply changing the layout in the program and connecting other consumables to printers and hologram machines.

In this section, we publish a video of samples of different banknotes of the world in a pasted form in order to clearly show the fact that our banknotes are fake, the fact that they are fully operational and the fact that all currencies of the world are counterfeited according to the same principle.

The bill is printed in two halves, watermarks are printed inside the bill, then it is glued.

We have prepared layouts for printing all popular currencies of the world. For printing, we only need to reconfigure the equipment. The basic principle does not change.

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How to distinguish fake dollars
Recommended verification method: take the original bill and compare with the suspicious one. It is necessary to carefully examine and probe the elements of the bill. Close attention should be paid to the identity of the security signs.

Security signs of dollar bills
Security features for banknotes above $ 5:

A protective strip that is visible when the banknote is brought up to the light. This is a special tape embedded in the paper, so the inscription “USA 100” (or other denomination) is visible from both sides.
A watermark in the form of a copy of a portrait, embedded in the structure of the paper, is displayed equally on both sides.
The denomination numbers 10 (after 1999), 20, 50 and 100 are applied with special ink, which changes color when tilted.
Microprinting is a required attribute; readable elements are considered when enlarging, the presence of blurred lines and letters is unacceptable. It is recommended to compare it with the original bill under a magnifying glass, as microprints are difficult to counterfeit.
How to identify a fake dollar yourself
When inspecting the bill, pay attention to the following:

how to distinguish fake dollars

check for red and blue fibers that are embedded in the paper;
an obligatory attribute is a clear and realistic portrait, in which the micro-inscription “The United States of America” ​​is visible with a magnifying glass;
identical batch numbers, applied in two places in one color, each sample is assigned a unique number;
paper is stronger than office paper and slightly crunches, as it is made of cotton and linen;
on genuine dollars, embossed printing with special paints, run your fingernail over the drawing and feel the relief;
original bills are thinner than standard paper;
drawings are made neatly, without blurry patterns, clear bordering.
Types of counterfeit dollars
Counterfeits can be primitive and professional, even after studying the recommendations on the topic “how to determine a fake dollar”, it is possible that a fake is mistaken for the original.

Types of counterfeit dollars:

additional zeros are added to the 1, 2, 5 or 10 dollar bill; Buy fake money 
printed money samples by analogy with the original with imitation of one or more security signs; Buy counterfeit money 
professional forgeries, where there is an imitation of all the attributes of protection.
Professional counterfeiting decals
How to distinguish fake dollars that are counterfeited at a high level:

how to identify a fake dollar  Buy counterfeit money 

the security tape and the watermark must be visible from both sides; on crafts, there is a seal on one side; Buy counterfeit money 
under an ultraviolet lamp, the protective strip glows in a certain color for different Buy false money denominations, check that the glow color matches the original ($ 10 – orange, $ 20 – green, $ 50 – yellow, $ 100 – pink);
sometimes there are protective fibers on crafts, but this is a seal; Buy false money 
pay attention to the correspondence of the original ink color, in old bills when tilted it changes from green to black, and in new ones – from copper to green. Buy false money 
How to check a new $ 100 bill
Decals of the updated one hundred dollars (after 2013):

the color of the protective strip is blue;
the font turns green when rotated;
the bells are transformed into the inscription “100”;
micro-inscription “The United States of America” ​​is placed on the collar;
next to the pen is written “One hundred USA”.
Fake dollars: how to protect yourself from additional trouble
If a person has become a “happy” owner of a fake, then most likely this money has already been lost. The storage and distribution of counterfeits is punishable by law, so do not pay with dubious banknotes in