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We offer only original high-quality counterfeit money currency NOTES and ship counterfeit bills worldwide. But there are over a billion of our products circulating the world.


Global Documents Online prints and sells Grade A banknotes of 52 currencies in the world. Here is your chance to be a millionaire. Our money is perfectly reproduced, indistinguishable to the eye and the touch. We are sending in various sizes, packed and hidden.

All our notes carry all the holograms and watermarks and pass the light detector test, We will deliver the money directly to your home without the interference of customs. There is a massive quantity of counterfeit money ready in stock.

We use the latest technology to produce our notes so that it looks 100% identical to the real note. All security features present in the real notes are present in the note we make.

Our team is made up of Quality IT technicians from Morocco, the US, Russia, India, Korea, and China, etc . So, we offer high-quality counterfeit NOTES for all currencies.

Why would you buy it from us?
Our counterfeit bills contain the following security features that make it be genius, and we have the best grade counterfeit in the world, both Euro and Dollar, and any bills of your choice you want. Security features of our bank notes below :

Intaglio printing
Security thread
See-through register
Unique foil/distinctive foil elements
Iridescent stripe / shifting colors.
About Our Counterfeit Bank Notes
Our banknotes are print on 80% cotton 20% cellulose paper. The notes are substantially different from standard paper.

By using a unique printing technique, several picture elements on the front of the banknote are identifiable by touch. The guidelines on detecting counterfeit currency give a comparison of genuine and falsified security features.

– Our bills/notes bypass everything, counterfeit pens, and machines.

– Can be used in banks but can be used elsewhere the same as usual money



About Our Counterfeit Bills IT Experts
We are Professional IT technicians, and we produce SUPER UNDETECTED COUNTERFEIT MONEY for all currencies. Our notes are industrially and professionally produce. We use quality foil paper elements 20% of cellulose and 80% of the cotton paper. Our bills have Infrared Detection which makes our bills to bypass the UV machines,

Pentest and even eye detection buy counterfeit experts. Our notes are AAA+ grade Quality. We also sell and provide money cleaning services and solutions. We sell

AAA+ SSD Black Money Solution

-Holograms and Holographic Strips


-Metallic Ink and Thread


–IR Detection

–Ultra-violet features

-See-through Features

-Different serial numbers

These features make our bills to be 100% not detect, 100% safe and secure to use in any of these areas:

BANKS, CASINO, ATM, MONEY CHANGERS, STORES. They are 100% not detect.

Build trust in yourself when contacting me, and don’t tell me about your experience when you were ripped off.

I believe that any body who has even been ripped off because of counterfeit money buying went in for small amounts. Shipping is from the US. Within the US, it is 24 hours, and outside using is three days. We give you the tracking number.

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