About us
We are Professional IT technicians and we produce SUPER UNDETECTED COUNTERFEIT MONEY for all currencies. Our notes are industrially and professionally produced. We use quality foil paper elements 20% of cellulose and 80% of the cotton paper. Our bills have the Infrared Detection which makes our bills to bypass the UV machines,

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Money is one of the tools that enhance human habitation. Today’s society cannot function without this piece of paper. It plays a pivotal role in shaping our lifestyle, education, and healthcare needs. Earnings vary from one person to another, depending on what kind of work they do. Some people have enough to buy the necessities of life, while some struggle even to do that. People who are unemployed face tough times to support their family and health. No matter how much you blame money for being the root cause of evil, it improves the most important things in life. Wealth gives you far better access to world-class facilities, so you don’t have to face sleepless nights.

At Money and Documents, we are here to extend a helping hand to those who may have lost their job or are struggling with low income. We offer the highest quality of counterfeit money for sale at a fraction of cost. Just let us know the currency and denomination you need and leave the rest for our proficient team members.

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Banknotes across the world are constantly refined to make it difficult for the counterfeiters to replicate. However, we are a step ahead of the government and have the right balance of innovation and craftsmanship to produce high-quality counterfeit notes. With us, you can choose from a wide selection of currencies, including:

Australian dollars
Canadian dollars
Saudi riyal and more
We offer you this golden opportunity to buy fake money from us and spend it freely at retail outlets, grocery stores, pubs, restaurants, and even gas stations. Banks may have advanced detection tools, so better to avoid using it there. We know you are wise enough to manage your expenses!

What makes us the trusted supplier of counterfeit notes
The look and feel of a banknote are key for trust and recognition among customers. When you choose to buy counterfeit money from us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We are a value-driven organization and always ready to adapt to new security improvements. Transparency and customer support are the secret to our success. We ship your cash discreetly without sharing your personal details with anyone.

If you want to raise any concerns about the quality, or have queries regarding the process, our dedicated customer support team can help. Feel free to contact us today!