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We are forced to ignore “meaningless” emails from nosy people, freeloaders and slow-witted people. Our emails and instant messengers are filled daily with dozens of stupid letters and messages.

All questions are answered in advance on our website.

If something does not suit you, there are not enough funds, or you are not ready to prepay bitcoin, then do not write to us at all.

From now on, we will ignore any letters that are not related to the fact that the order has already been paid. Here’s how you can order our product.

1) Choose Dollars or Euros. You pay the price for the minimum lot (5000 $ or € or £) price 5000 (+500 for delivery) => lot of goods 100.000 $/€/£ 

You pay for goods and for delivery 5,500$/€/£

2) And only after that write us a letter to any of our email or messenger with the text in the heading “I paid for the order” + date, time, payment screenshot and / or a link to a bitcoin transaction. The link to the transaction can be copied in your wallet or it will be given to you by the exchanger in which you buy bitcoin with our details.

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FACTS to understand:

If you found our site, it means we are working and the offer is relevant!

If we ignore your messages and emails, it is not because we are not working, but because you have ignored our conditions, information on our website and the payment and ordering procedures we have established. You just write all sorts of stupid questions, dissatisfied whining, beg for free goods, samples, try to be indignant and demand other conditions and prices.

We are not interested in listening to your dreams and fantasies, wishes and suggestions. We made a public offer on our website. Want to buy => buy.

Only after payment, we will respond to your email or message with the heading “I paid for the order” in which you indicate the facts of payment, screenshots and links.

YES! We ship worldwide! All you need is your address, name and mobile phone. We send by DHL and several other transport companies.

We have 2 bases, in the USA and in Europe. Shipping details are discussed after payment, like everything else.

Only business, only business. Read the site, there will be no more empty talk.