Buy bitcoin anonymously without verification ID best way

Buy bitcoin anonymously without verification ID best way to buy fake money.

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Buy bitcoin anonymously

Buy bitcoin without verification

It is very important to buy bitcoin anonymously and without ID verification. Observance of anonymity can also be achieved when using bitcoin mixers, however, this is already our concern.
We are considering several ways to safely buy bitcoin.

The growth in the number of Internet transactions encourages users to maintain privacy, anonymity, and secure communications. The problems of data leaks, passwords, phishing and ransomware are widespread, and the issue of online security remains relevant. Since the beginning of 2020, cybercriminals have earned $ 24 million in bitcoins from inattentive users, while this figure has reached only $ 38 million over the past four years.

For example, on the night of July 16, 2020, hackers attacked Twitter and gained access to the personal accounts of opinion leaders. They began to be used for personal purposes. Smaller attacks can be carried out using emails, here is a typical example:

Trustee screen
The Trustee service described how to protect itself from fraudsters in the article “Crisis is the best time for fraudsters”, today we will discuss the problem of anonymity.

To maintain anonymity on the Internet, you need, first of all, to leave a minimum of information about yourself, especially financial. An unscrupulous employee of a payment institution may try to cash in on stolen data. Even if the fraudster is held responsible for the crime, the user’s data will still remain on the network, which creates the risk of repeated fraud. One of the solutions to the problem is the use of cryptocurrencies.

Buying bitcoin is still not as easy as it might seem at first glance: you need to choose a secure service, complete registration, verification, KYC and AML, place orders and find a place for safe storage. You can read more about this in the previous articles “Where and how to buy bitcoin”, “Bitcoin wallet”.

Trusting information about yourself to a third party is not the most reliable solution. Despite the existence of well-known and time-tested centralized services, even they periodically experience data leaks.

So how do you buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely? There are several ways to do this, we will consider them in turn.

OTS / P2P deal
OTC or P2P transactions do not leave digital traces. This method allows you to find bitcoin sellers in your region, the transaction is carried out in person. The ideal option is familiar miners, as a rule, they have a token and need funds to pay for operating costs. In this case, the user receives “clean” bitcoins. However, there are risks in this way, you need to carefully choose the seller. It is worth waiting for two or three confirmations of the transaction and only then transfer the money.

In general, it is not very convenient, and in the digital economy it is not optimal.

Anonymous online service
If you enter the query “buy crypt anonymously” into a search engine, it will display a lot of articles and life hacks on this topic, but will not provide a specific service. It turns out that it is difficult for an ordinary user to find a service for buying bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, where it is not required to provide personal data or go through verification. However, there is a bitcoin wallet in which the developers have made every effort so that everyone can buy or sell cryptocurrency and at the same time remain anonymous. Let’s use an example to show how easy this can be done in the Trustee Wallet:

First you need to install the application on your phone. Trustee is available for both Android and iOS;

Trustee screen

The next step is to save the seed phrase in a safe place. What is a seed phrase and how to store it correctly can be found in the article “Seed phrase or Mnemonic Phrase: Features and Methods of Storage”;
Then click “buy”, select the currency of purchase, for example, the ruble, and the cryptocurrency that you want to buy, for example, bitcoin. Then enter the purchase amount, you can choose both in fiat and in cryptocurrency;
Last step. It is necessary to add the card from which the payment will be made, indicating its number and expiration date. Click “buy”;
A screen opens with a description of the transaction, where the amount of received cryptocurrency, rate, bank commission, coin network commission, service commission and the amount of fiat required are indicated. Click “buy” and go to processing, where you enter the CVV code. Confirmation of the purchase occurs via an SMS code from the bank, since the service works only with 3D-Secure cards.
You don’t need to do anything else, just wait for the cryptocurrency to arrive in the wallet. As soon as the incoming transaction has at least one network confirmation, the funds can be used. It should be noted that the wallet itself has a “non-custodial” structure, that is, no one except the owner has access to funds, not even the creators of the service.

It is even easier to sell – specify the amount and sell on the card that you added earlier or a new one, the number of cards to add is not limited.

Where is the anonymity?
Anonymity lies in the fact that in both cases the user does not leave any personal information about himself. Of course, in the case of an OTC purchase or